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Can you turn fat into muscle?

The short answer is:


But the reality is actually a bit more difficult than that.

Your body could either gain/lose fat or gain/lose muscle.

The technical change from one to the various other is impossible. You are better off attempting to change lead into gold.

Why Can not I Turn Fat into Muscle?

Fat is comprised of chains of fatty acids.

These chains of fats primarily include oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen1.

Muscle cells is composed of chains of amino acids2.

These chains of amino acids primarily include nitrogen.

It is consequently impossible to transform excess weight into muscular tissue because fat doesn’t contain any type of nitrogen.

In saying so, here is just what weight training can do:

  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Decrease fat mass

Increasing Muscle Mass

Lifting weights damages your muscles.

Your body then sends signals to drive protein as well as amino acids into the muscle for repair.

After remainder as well as with appropriate sustenance, your muscle comes back stronger.

For an extra comprehensive understanding of just what it actually takes to develop muscle mass check out my article on the easy scientific research of muscular tissue growth.

Decreasing Fat Mass

Lifting weights can decrease fat mass in 2 means:

  1. Using fat for gas in the bodybuilding process.
  2. Using fat for gas during exercise.

What To Do?

Ultimately you should aim to:

  • Get rid of fat
  • Grow your muscles

Many argue:

  • In order to acquire muscle mass you have to remain in a caloric surplus.
  • In order to lose fat you have to be in a caloric deficit.

The truth is:

If you want to lose fat you do have to be in a state of caloric deficit.

However, if you want to get muscular tissue you do not have to be in a state of calorie surplus.

In order to gain muscle you have to be in a favorable nitrogen balance3.

A research study carried out in the Annals of Nutrition as well as Metabolism can even more clarify this point4.

They separated individuals right into 3 groups.

The research study was performed over a 12 week period.

The initial group (10 people) was placed on a calorie deficit.

The 2nd group (14 individuals) was placed on a caloric deficit, plus resistance exercise, plus a boosted protein consumption using casein protein supplementation.

The third team (14 individuals) was placed on an identical timetable as the 2nd team. They supplemented with whey protein rather of casein.

The outcomes showed that all three teams went down body fat.

When observing lean mass gains, however, the initial team experienced none.

The second team had lean mass gains of about 2.5 kg.

The third team had lean mass gains of about 2kg.

This research study answers the concern when and for all:

Is it possible to acquire muscular tissue and shed fat at the exact same time?


Points To Consider

What does it require to preserve a favorable nitrogen balance?

Remember that your muscle mass grow outside the gym.

The two ideal practices to maintain a positive nitrogen equilibrium are:

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Increased protein intake

If you decide to experience the standard ‘bulking’ cycle, it is likely that you will place on lean mass quicker.

However, it is also most likely that you will place on a great deal of fat.

This after that ends up being a never ever ending cycle of ‘bulking’ and ‘ cutting’.

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Can you turn fat into muscle?

No. Exactly what you could do is make use of fat for fuel in the muscle building process.

Get leaner and also more muscle simultaneously.