The Cell Expansion Method, or CEP Training for short, is a mix of techniques for causing maximum muscle mass development.

CEP Training has actually been made popular by Ben Pakulski via his training program Mi40x.

This article is a run-through of the CEP Training Plan, an digital book consisted of with the purchase of the Mi40x program.

What is Cell Growth Procedure Training?

The essential process behind muscle mass development is called protein synthesis.

After an extreme exercise session, healthy protein synthesis is the ways by which muscular tissue cells fix themselves.

If you have some recollection of center institution science, you will certainly bear in mind that a solitary center manages the majority of a cell’s functions.

Protein synthesis even occurs in the cell’s nucleus.


What’s unique concerning muscle mass cells is that they could have even more compared to one nucleus.

Multiple cores in a muscle mass cell are connected with an enhanced rate of healthy protein synthesis.

Increased protein synthesis, in turn, is related to faster muscle mass growth and recovery.

CEP Training has one primary goal:

To increase the number of centers each cell.

CEP Training takes advantage of a procedure called satellite cell recruitment in order to attain this goal.

Research has actually revealed that during times of extreme strength as well as tension on a muscle mass, there is a special sort of cell, i.e. satellite cell, that occurs as well as contributes its center to the muscle mass cell.

Once that core is given away, it remains there for life.

CEP Training focuses on locating the sweet area for the ideal quantity of tension needed for the employment of satellite cells.

Ben Pakulski On Just how CEP Training Was Created

muscle building workout

Ben claims that the ideas of CEP Training have actually been a result of examining numerous research studies and also putting concepts right into practice.

The primary goal was to figure out the processes which are most reliable at placing on high quality muscular tissue mass over the long term.

The 4 principles of CEP Training

  1. Cell Swelling
  2. Time Under Tension (TUT)
  3. Intra-set Stretching
  4. Blood Flow Restriction (BFR)

CEP Training includes these 4 concepts to optimize the hormone effects of high intensity exercise.

Cell Swelling 

Cell swelling is the clinical term for ‘the pump’.

The pump is basically a develop of metabolites, i.e. lactic acid, being owned right into the muscle mass cell in response to high strength training.

The body sees this swelling of the muscular tissue cell as a threat.

In feedback, a collection of molecular buttons are turned on in order to generate hypertrophy.

Time Under Tension (TUT)

Learning to create tension in the targeted muscle mass is really just what the Mi40x program is based around.

Another term for this would be establishing the mind muscle mass connection.

Ben Pakulski’s concept is to place stress on just how you do the workout over just what workouts you are doing.

He stresses that type, strategy, and also tightening are the three aspects that you should concentrate on in order to induce optimum muscle growth.

The more time your muscle invests under tension the a lot more your muscle will certainly really feel the demand to begin growing.

CEP Training will certainly involve you using lighter weights than usual.

Lifting hefty weight is about producing pressure and acceleration. A well rested muscle mass will undoubtedly do far better compared to a tired one.

What is your goal?

Do you want to have the ability to produce large quantities of force and also velocity or do you desire to make the most of muscle growth, i.e. hypertrophy.

Using lighter weights for high intensity will certainly lead to more muscle fibers being recruited because of muscular fatigue.

Ben supporters that once you have understood a specific movement, i.e. you have the ability to complete it with good form without much mindful idea, after that you must concentrate on accelerating throughout the concentric section of the movement.

The issue is that when aware initiative is made use of during the concentric section of the exercise the entire pace of the exercise tends to quicken. Instead:

A mindful initiative need to be made to decrease the eccentric portion of the workout in order to make certain sufficient muscle mass load.

Key takeaway:

Less remainder and more time under stress is your method to maximize hypertrophy.


Focus on an eruptive concentric and also slow-moving eccentric, i.e. quick heading up as well as reduce on the method down.

Intra-set Stretching 

Intra-Set stretching takes location throughout extreme workout as you stretch in between sets with a loaded weight.

Intra-Set stretching has been revealed to generate more muscle mass damage and satellite cell activity.

Both of these elements enormously accelerate the muscular tissue building process.

As you carry out the stretch with a loaded weight it will influence your body in two methods:

1. Your body will certainly attempt to loosen up during the extending portion

2. Due to the crammed type of stretching, a tightening will certainly be maintained.

This puts a crazy quantity of anxiety on the targeted muscle.

During intra set extending you are providing additionally motivation to own blood into the muscle.


Metabolites will certainly be held back from leaving the muscular tissue since of the stress given by the intra-set stretching.

This will certainly result in a crazy amount of lactic acid build up.

More time under tension + lactic acid accumulation + BFR effect = higher employment of kind II fibers and also rise in anabolic development factors.

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR)

Blood Circulation Restriction is a training strategy made use of to maximize blood flow to the targeted muscle.

BFR does this by restricting blood circulation to the blood vessels and leaving the arteries open.

BFR advertises cell swelling and also a build up of metabolites.

BFR in practice:

Let’s say you desire to carry out BFR on your bicep.

You would certainly utilize a knee wrap and cover the leading part of you bicep.

You desire the rigidity level to be at around 7/10.

After safeguarding the cover, allow your arm hang as well as see just how it feels.

You need to not be feeling numb or tingly. If you are then loosen up the wrap.


Start your bicep swirls making use of a lightweight. (Something like 50% of just what you generally lift for a collection of 8-10 representatives).

Do high representatives (15-30) per set as well as maintain your concentrate on squeezing the bicep.

Maximum of 30 secs rest between sets.

Even during rest your muscular tissue will remain to get blood and also metabolites.


NOS-X is the name Ben Pakulski has given the training techniques that combine:

  • Proper Technique
  • Time Under Tension
  • Mechanical Damage
  • Intra-set Stretching.

Ben supporters that you should take your time to unconsciously set the CEP training into your mind.

If you do not make the effort to ideal the movements and create the mind muscle mass link your results will show that.

The Malfunction: What Creates Muscular tissue Growth?weight lifting routines

  1. Time Under Tension
  2. Mechanical Damage
  3. Hyperaemia and Cell Swelling
  4. Muscle Fiber Recruitment

Time under tension (TUT)

TUT is an old school concept.

The longer your muscle invests in time under stress the much more hypertrophy will be induced.

The optimal amount of stress for growth must be compared with the quantity of stress that the muscle has actually been previously accustomed to.

Mechanical Damage

Mechanical damages is the real malfunction of the muscle.

Muscle soreness is a side effect of mechanical damage.

Once the muscular tissue has actually been damaged down, adequate nutrient consumption as well as appropriate rest are essential for proper recovery.

After the recuperation period the muscular tissue will come back bigger, stronger, as well as able to take care of more weight.

Inflammation triggered by muscle damage resembles the inflammatory action to infection.

Part of the inflammation response is chemotaxis, i.e. the movement of neutrophils into the muscle mass. Chemotaxis might be liable for producing responsive oxygen varieties, which continue to evoke hypertrophy.

IGF-1 is an anabolic development hormonal agent that has clear domino effect relationship to hypertrophy.

IGF-1 causes mTor activation, the vital healthy protein regulator in the anabolic molecular pathways.

Hyperaemia and cell swelling

Hyperaemia and also cell swelling are both circumstances which lead to a rise of blood circulation to the muscle.

An increase of blood circulation, subsequently, results in a boost of the flow of nutrients to the muscle mass, i.e. glycogen and amino acids.

Muscle Fiber Recruitment

Muscles are made up of rapid twitch as well as reduce shiver fibers.

Each kind of fiber is hired based upon the type of exercise you are doing.

For example doing 6 reps with optimum initiative would recruit mainly rapid twitch fibers.

Doing 30 reps with modest initiative, on the various other hand, would mostly recruit slow-moving jerk fibers.

Where Does This Leave You?

These methods are jointly referred to as the The Cell Growth Protocol.

Ben Pakulski has assembled his item, Mi40x, to consist of every one of these approaches into the CEP Training.

The concepts of CEP Training have been described for you here.

If you do not wish to acquire his product you can include these principles into your personal workout regimen.

Mi40x is being marketed for a rate of $97 online.

Many people can not pay for to go down a lot cash money on an exercise program.

The truth is:

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Hope this review given you with the information you were searching for on the CEP Training Blueprint.

Until next time,