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I’ve seen a trend in my gym, towards using less weight and also higher reps. I know that you were a supporter of using hefty weights for rather low reps. How do I know which way is appropriate for me? 


Yours is an outstanding inquiry and also one that I encountered early in my muscle building profession.

I had not been born an advocate of high-intensity training. Rather, when I made a decision to end up being a bodybuilder, I started to check out all the information I might discover on the subject. The vogue at the time was six-days-a-week training, functioning all bodyparts two times a week for up to 20 collections per bodypart.

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weight lifting routinesEarly in my training, I had discovered Mike Mentzer as well as substantially admired both his Huge physique and also his methodical technique to muscle building. The even more of Mike I read, the more I discovered myself concurring with his training principles, which consisted of making use of much less quantity, less regularity and also better strength. I determined to put his ideology to the examination as well as fashioned my own type of training from his “Sturdy” system. Lengthy story short, I took place to win six consecutive Sandows and also constructed a track record of being a rather great body builder.

I certainly discovered an air conditioner that functioned well for me and, consequently, I have the tendency to support high-intensity training to others. Yet I do so with a caveat: don’t take my suggestions as gospel. Consider it time-tested information that you can utilize to reinforce your very own bodybuilding efforts.

One concern I have with some high-level body builders is the dogmatic method they take to educating more youthful students that seek their tutelage. Neither I nor anybody else knows definitively what help you and what doesn’t. That is knowledge just you possess.

Over the years, I have listened to lots of potential scholars of body building telling others that they should do this or that to expand. We do know a couple of basic guidelines of muscle mass growth ( e.g., resistance training and healthy protein both aid to build muscle mass), but there are certainly some distinctions from one person to another that can not be summed up with generalizations.

lean muscleWhen you create that you see a pattern of trainers inclining lighter weights, that shows to me that these people are not thinking for themselves, instead, they’re tossing up their hands and also letting style determine their training. If you do that, you can no more anticipate to make fantastic gains since you’re adhering to a formula that works for a person else, yet not necessarily for you.

Essentially, I am saying that you must discover what’s right for you by following your impulses. If something functions for you, terrific, keep it. If not, discard it and also go on. I extremely suggest offering my version of high intensity training a try, if you have not currently. If for one reason or another it doesn’t rather help you, adapt it to suit your personal particular set of tolerances or think about attempting a various design of training. It’s OKAY, you won’t harm my feelings– I prefer to understand that you’re reaching your body building goals, not simply attempting to please me. – FLEX