Expert Diet plans: NPC Competitor Ingrid Romero’s Diet plan to a Bikini Body

lean muscleThere are numerous misconceptions when it pertains to exactly how individuals assume I consume. Being a competitor and also physical fitness model, I get asked regularly what my diet plan resembles and exactly what do I eat. Lots of individuals think I starve myself or that I consume extremely little.

People believe to maintain a really lean body you have to deprive yourself.

When I tell people I consume approximately 2500 calories a day they are surprised. They state there is no method you take in that many calories as well as remain that lean! After that they will ask, you must do hrs of cardio a day? No not. I do around 20 to 30 mins a day yet because my calories originate from really extremely lean and clean foods I don’t have to do as much cardio.

I stay away from refined food, sugar, milk and also sodium. I stay with eating at house the bulk of the time. When you consume at a restaurant it is really hard to manage how the food is being prepared as well as when buying something healthy on the food selection it still has the tendency to be very high in sodium.

By preparing my very own food I could control how it is being prepared, therefore I can restrict the amount of sodium I take in. See exactly what individuals do not realize is that when they most likely to a dining establishment and also they order hen bust with some veggies (thinking they made a healthy and balanced selection) the chef is even more compared to likely discarding stopped a little bit of salt on the food. Thats just what makes it taste so good. So be really careful when consuming out.

I have various phases in my diet regimen. I am a full-time physical fitness version so I consume extremely healthy and balanced constantly. I need to stay in shape all year due to the fact that i never ever understand when i will obtain contacted us to do a shoot or get reserved for a modeling job. My diet will certainly change a little when I am getting all set to complete in a program. I constantly consume 5-6 dishes a day every 3 hrs.

The reason for this is that it compels your body to work as well as metabolize the food which assists speed up the metabolism. An active metabolic rate is the trick to the best swimsuit body! Diet plans often have unwanted adverse effects. If your not consuming sufficient calories throughout the day due to the fact that you believe this is the method to loose weight your body might go into what’s called a starvation mode.

This suggests your metabolism is reducing down and also your body is holding on to all the fat it can. So make certain to consume a well balanced diet regimen throughout the day.

Everyone of my dishes will consist of some form of healthy protein, carbohydrate and fat. Any kind of type of lean protein functions for me. As an example I will certainly consume lots of fish, hen, ground turkey and so on. My carbohydrates are generally from vegetables. I attempt and also keep away from intricate Carbs and also stick to basic Carbohydrates. My treat is pleasant potato I do not consume breads, pastas etc. My fats will come from essential fats such as avocado, almonds, peanut butter etc.

I beverage tons of water throughout the day. I stay away from any type of kinds of soft drink and also restrict my alcohol to perhaps one drink on an unique occasion.

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Eating in this manner year round is challenging. I travel usually with job as well as even when I’m working regional I may get on collection sometimes for 12 to 15 humans resources. The most convenient way to stay on track when you have days similar to this Is to intend in advance. I take food with me where ever I go. I have my cooler with me with all my dishes as well as treats prepared.

By doing this it leaves much less temptation to cheat. I see to it I eat every 3 hrs. I never allow myself to obtain extremely starving. This additionally aids battle desire negative foods. When you permit on your own to obtain to that starving factor you will certainly have the tendency to yearn for fatty foods. So I do my ideal not to obtain to that point. Finally, remember about your sleep. While sleeping your body restores itself from day-to-day harmful events such as job, stress and anxiety, workouts etc. Your body burns most of it’s fat over night … But just if you have essential nutrients that your body needs.

If you connect all of these things together with a constant exercise routine you will be well on your means to that HOT BIKINI body you have constantly wanted.

Here is an instance of just what I consume to plan for a competition:

  • BREAKFAST: 1/2 mug of oat meal as well as 4 egg whites
  • SNACK: 1 apple, 15 almonds and also a protein shake
  • LUNCH: 6oz of a lean protein, 1/2 cup wild rice as well as 1o asparagus.
  • SNACK: 4oz of lean protein, 1 item of fruit
  • SNACK: 2 rice cakes with 1 tbsp of peanut butter and 4 egg whites
  • DINNER: 6 oz of a lean protein, 4oz of wonderful potato as well as 1 mug of veggies.


bodybuilding meal planEat Regularly

* almonds and other nuts
* beans and other legumes
* spinach and various other eco-friendly vegetables
* instant oatmeal
* egg whites
* turkey and various other lean meats (lean steak, chicken, fish)
* peanut butter
* olive oil
* whole-grain breads and cereal
* extra-protein powder
* raspberries as well as other berries

Eat Often

* apples
* asparagus
* avocado
* bananas
* brown rice

* Canadian bacon
* canola oil
* citrus fruits and juice
* cord
* edamame
* hi
* eggplant
* flaxseed
* dried fruit
* fruit juices without any sugar added
* game and also lean meats like ostrich
* garlic
* lentils
* melons
* mushrooms
* nut butters such as almond and also cashew
* onions
* peaches
* peanut oil
* peas
* peppers
* whole wheat pita
* honey
* baked potatoes
* prunes
* pumpkin seeds
* part-skim ricotta cheese

Eat Occasionally

* applesauce
* baked beans
* baked fries
* lean beef jerky
* light beer
* chocolate
* chocolate milk
* coffee
* coleslaw
* whole wheat crackers
* hi
* low-fat cream cheese
* Egg salad
* low-fat dips
* graham crackers
* granola bars
* low-fat granol
* guacamole
* ham
* low-fat ice cream
* jam or marmalade
* sugar-free Jell-O
*  lamb
*  lasagne
* lunch meat
* macaroni
* margarine
*  mayo
* meatball subs
* muffins (bran)
* white flour with tomato sauce pasta
* pork tenderloin
* pretzels
* protein bars
* pudding
* white rice
* sauerkraut
* diet soft drinks
* sorbet
* sushi

Eat Rarely … very rarely … or NEVER!

* whipped cream
* white flour waffles
* fried vegetables
* toasted pastries
* soft drink
* fried seafood
* scones
* pork
* creamy salad dressings
* refried beans
* popsicles
* popcorn
* pizza

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 Pictures from NPC Titans in October 2012 where I was 2 months expecting and also I won 1st area and also overall!!!