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Quick Info:

  • First Name: Vlatka
  • Last name: Dragic
  • Occupation: Licensed Individual Trainer
  • Education: Finished Dual Degree in Organisation, Marketing as well as Human being Resources,
  • Birthdate: Born 27.12.1985. in Croatia

Now living in Queensland, Australia. I compose Personalized Diet plan, Supplement and Training Plans for the ladies all over the world, and likewise just released my new Training YouTube video clip in addition to my Ultimate Booty-Building Workout!

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How did you start in body building/ training?

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I loved healthy and healthy lifestyle about 6 years ago!! I was so thinking about transforming my body past just what others think they are able to attain and so lots of people motivated me to just go for it. None of my friends enjoyed health and fitness or competing, however I was so interested to see exactly how I could transform my body as well as appear like one of those fantastic physical fitness models in the magazines.

I began finding out so much regarding training, supplements and also diets, as well as what jobs best for my body. I started out doing gymnastics my entire life from the age of 4, so I currently had the discipline for training, recognized I have to correspond and also think in myself.

I love eating clean and also training 6 days a week, I couldn’t do it differently! Training offered me a lot of self-confidence in myself as well as made me a healthier and happier individual. I am constantly so positive and also never look back!!

What are your short and also long term health and fitness goals?

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I emphasis on my brief term objectives as they lead me to my long-term success. I am fortunate enough to obtain impressive chances as I operate in the fitness market and contend so my goals are ever-changing! I function as a National Advertising and marketing Manager and also Supplement Professional at Genesis Nutrition Australia so among my objectives is constantly to discover one of the most efficient ways to run the business as well as develop one-of-a-kind opportunities.

I love having close business partnerships with other individuals in the health and fitness industry!My objectives with completing are to concentrate on just what I do, try new things and be the very best I can be.

Last year, in 2011 I won NABBA QLD Sportsmodel Championship and my goal this year was to defeat the problem I was in which is exactly just what I achieved. Now in 2012 I remain in the ideal form I have actually ever been! I would certainly like to complete in U.S.A as well as Canada, to make sure that is most definitely on the cards for lengthy term!

What workout routine has functioned best for you?

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1HR MORNING CARDIO DAILY on empty belly – moderate intensity beach walk. 4 workouts each body part x 10-12 reps.

  • Monday – My very own Ultimate Booty-Building Session
  • Tuesday – Bi’s and Tri’s
  • Wednesday – Shoulders and Abs
  • Thursday – Back and Chest
  • Friday – Full Body Circuit
  • Saturday – Rest + cardio
  • Sunday – REST – my time off weight training

What is your favored form of cardio for reducing body fat?

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I constantly do modest intensity cardio. I go for my morning coastline power walks every day before morning meal and also during compensation preparation, I likewise do night time cardio at the gym. This normally contains moderate intensity again on a cross instructor. I located this sort of cardio works best for me.

Could you describe your standard day-to-day diet?

My diet regimen has lots of lean healthy protein, tidy carbs, and healthy and balanced fats!

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I have plenty of: almond paste, avocado, steak, fish and shellfish, poultry bust, green veggies: broccoli, environment-friendly beans, cabbage, brownish rice, pleasant potatoes and also oats. I constantly maintain my diet regimen clean as well as have one cheat dish every weekend.

When I’m preparing for a competition, my diet regimen is every rigorous and also all of my food is measured. I attempt to constantly keep it constant as the result is so worth it!

How do you take care of desires for fast food, sugary foods as well as salted foods?

I was birthed and expanded up in Croatia so I am made use of to gorgeous authentic European food. It does get hard with desires, particularly in compensation preparation but I constantly maintain my focus on the final goal.

I have rip off meals every weekend break to maintain me inspired as well as please the cravings.

I love sugary foods but I drink whole lots of water and also have sugar complimentary periodontal to take my mind of it.

I really like that my way of living is hectic so I am constantly on the run!

I likewise make sugar cost-free jelly or healthy protein cookies as a healthy and balanced treat

What supplements do you take?

As I operate in the supplement sector, I love my supplements!This is what I use on everyday basis:

  • Low carbohydrate/ sugar protein powder- after training/ in between dishes/ for breakfast
  • Pre-workout – before training
  • Fat burners – every morning
  • Vitamin C
  • Omega 3
  • Taurine
  • BCAA’s – during training
  • Glutamine

What is your favored inspirational quote?

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Be the best you could be! Inspire as well as be inspired day in an day out.

Any last advice for novices or any person aiming to obtain right into fitness?

1. Make certain you are consuming alcohol at the very least 3L of water per day

2. Stay with a wonderful clean diet regimen and also training

3. Be consistent

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