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I’ve been killing it in the gym, but the gains are virtually nonexistent. What am I doing wrong?


Sometimes we push our muscles so hard that we don’t give our bodies the necessary downtime to repair and regrow. Competitors do it, too. Guys will preparation for a show by hitting the same body part over and over without giving the muscle a chance to fully rebound. So the “push the weights up, push the weights up, push the weights up” method isn’t always the solution. 

Strength will come in time. The younger guys are hungry and want to build it all at once, but it actually does take time—years, not weeks or months—for the muscles to come out fully and their details to mature. 

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There is no one solution, but a clean diet, training, and rest are all essential. Combine those elements with training smarter and in time you’ll be pushing past  plateaus without overtraining.

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