how to build muscle


It takes very little volume to elicit decent strength gains in novice lifters. However, experienced lifters require higher volume. How much volume is optimal for experienced lifters?


U. of Sydney researchers compared three different volumes of squats using experienced lifters. Group A did one set, group B did four sets, and group C did eight sets. All groups used 80% 1RM for resistance.


All groups showed a significant increase compared with baseline by six weeks. The fourset and eight-set groups showed a significant increase by Week 3. In the end, the eight-set group increased the most.


In experienced lifters, four sets or less may not be optimal. The study notes that although there is a difference between one and even four sets, eight may not be a one-size-fits-all solution.


Volumes as high as eight sets should be considered helpful for advanced lifters. To secure versus overtraining, begin by enhancing volume for two weeks. If stamina is still raising, you excel to go for at least 2 even more weeks. If strength begins to decline, decrease volume to permit healing. – FLEX