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CT Fletcher, a preferred YouTube celeb flaunting 22 inch arms, claims that overtraining is a misconception and also a fallacy.

In reality:

Overtraining is a problem that has been confirmed to exist via numerous studies 1 2 3 4.

It is very important, nevertheless, not to totally disregard CT Fletcher.

The point he’s attempting to make is:

Many people utilize overtraining as an excuse to not push themselves harder in the gym.

Is over training real?

The answer is, an indisputable, yes.


Overtraining is a much rarer occurrence than it is normally made out to be.

What is occurring at an inner level?

The intended result of exercise is to damage the muscle mass in order for it to recuperate back stronger.

Overtraining is when muscular tissue damages is generated at a faster rate than the body could recover from.

Overtraining can additionally arise from a deficiency of protein in your diet, i.e. amino acid uptake is quicker compared to the amino acid intake.


With adequate nutrition as well as rest in position overtraining is an unusual occurrence.

How much is overtraining?

Repercussions of overtraining can consist of gone stale progression or a loss of strength1.

Overtraining could be an outcome of:

  • over effort during workout and not permitting adequate recovery time.
  • a boring training split that does not integrate brand-new motions over time, resulting in a performance plateau as a result of limited stimulation.

Don’ t perplex overtraining with overreaching.

Overreaching is a short-term decline of efficiency. Recuperation occurs within a pair of days.

Overtraining, nonetheless, can occupy to a pair of weeks to sufficiently recuperate from2.

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How do you recognize if you’re overtraining?

You could carry out an easy grip stamina test to find whether or not you have overtrained.

At the beginning of a training session, established a barbell with two 45 lb plates on each side (vary it based upon your particular stamina).

Lift the barbell up and also observe the clock to see exactly how lengthy prior to your grasp offers in.

Whether it is 1 minute or 90 seconds, this is now the standard for your grasp strength.

Say, for instance, you perform the grip toughness test once again, 3 months later.

If you are incapable to hold the weights for the same quantity of time as your previous standard, overtraining is most likely to be responsible.


Overtraining results in a loss or stagnation of strength.

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Symptoms of overtraining

A study released in the Journal of Athletic Training has found overtraining to have unfavorable physiological and emotional effects3.

Common physiological symptoms

  • Prolonged muscle soreness
  • Fatigue even after considerable periods of rest
  • Increased heart price the day after training
  • Prone to infection

Common psychological symptoms

  • Easily irritated
  • Random depression
  • Decrease/loss of motivation
  • Trouble sleeping at night
  • Loss of concentration

What does overtraining really feel like?

Overtraining could have various impacts on various people.

Here are a few means overtraining could influence performance4:

  • Unable to complete workouts due to muscular fatigue
  • Decrease of endurance, i.e. reduced capacity for endurance exercise
  • Decrease in strength
  • Slower recovery times

Muscles grow during recovery


Muscles do not expand in the gym.

Muscles grow during recovery.

The 2 major aspects of recuperation are:

  • Rest
  • Nutrition

What overtraining boils down to is:

The intensity of exercise gets over the capability for recovery.

As mentioned earlier:

With sufficient nutrition, supplements, and also remainder, overtraining is an extremely uncommon occurrence.

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Treating overtraining syndrome

On the event that you experience the previously mentioned signs and symptoms, right here are some tips to treat overtraining.

Take some time off

Take a week off and also permit for continual recovery.

Your mind and body will come back sharper as well as more motivated.

Reduce intensity

If taking time off is out of the inquiry for you, consider decreasing the intensity of exercise.

Lower the volume per exercise.

If you normally do 5 collections each workout, drop it to 3.

Massage therapy

Athletes generally experience deep cells massages.

A deep tissue massage eliminates constructed up tension in the muscle mass and enables the restoration of balance in the skeletal system.


Track the calories going right into your body.

Are you satisfying your day-to-day healthy protein requirements?

Is your calorie consumption surpassing your calorie expenditure?

A lack of adequate nutrition could be a major root cause of overtraining.

Your Training Program

Let’s contrast overtraining to obtaining a tan (strange example, I understand).

Your body tans by generating melanin in reaction to UV light exposure.

If you have as well little UV light direct exposure, your tan will barely be noticeable.

But if you have way too much UV light direct exposure, you will get a sunburn.

The key is finding that pleasant spot in between.

The very same logic must additionally be applied to your training program:

Stimulate your muscular tissues, don’t annihilate them.

The incorrect approach is to lift as much as you can for as long as you can.

When preparing for a competition, athletes experience varying levels of strength within a twelve to sixteen week period.

Towards completion of the twelve to sixteen week timespan, the athletes undergo a taper period.

During the taper period, time invested at the health club and workout intensity are significantly decreased.

The taper duration permits the athlete to effectively recuperate and go to his finest for the competition.

Even if you do not compete, going through such stages of decreased strength will certainly be advantageous for you as well.

During such phases:

  • Spend less time at the gym
  • Lower the volume of exercises

If you are somebody that goes hard at the fitness center, including a reduced strength week every few months will certainly ensure your body reaches full recovery.

Having such a week in your training programs will certainly ensure overtraining is maintained a distance


Is overtraining real?

Of course.


It is a very unusual incident as well as must not be utilized as an excuse to slack of in the gym!