Miss Texas Bikini Champ Siliana Gaspard Meetings with Directlyfitness.com

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Quick Stats:

  • Age:25
  • Height: 5’5″
  • Weight: 120
  • Measurements: 33-25-37
  • Occupation: Mommy, Local business owner, Manager
  • Titles: 2-time back to back Miss Texas Bikini
  • Upcoming Events: The Holidays!!! =)

1. Inform us a little regarding how you reached your existing success level.

Simply, by never quiting or giving up. Every time that I have actually been knocked down, I solved back up and continued fighting.

2. Just what do you think is the top point keeping you motivated?

I have actually never ever been one to surrender on anything, so I would certainly have to claim just the way that my parents raised me. My kid is also one of my greatest inspirations to constantly be much better, because I am his instance. I wish to make sure I can be the best instance possible.

3. Just what is your training routine like?

My regimen is straightforward: simply closed the f *** up as well as do as you’re told!! LOL

It is never the exact same thing, so its hard to outline. Its always customized to what my body requirements. If I require heavy lifting for mass, we’ll go heavy. When aiming to shape a lot more, we’ll go light and also longer reps.

4. What kind of cardio do you feel works best for you?

I rarely do any cardio so I could not address this truthfully. Once again nevertheless, I feel it is based upon each person’s figure and just what they respond to the best.

5. What do you assume of barbell vs. device training?

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They both have their advantages and disadvantages and also used correctly with each other, can be extremely reliable. I make use of both techniques. Equipments are a fantastic way to begin to discover appropriate form.

6. How does your on and off period training and diet differ?

The initial few days after a show, I eat like a whale =-RRB- But then I get back to the health club, and my diet is still taken into consideration a competition diet regimen, just not as stringent. I will certainly permit some dairy, and also if I have a sweet tooth, I will certainly permit myself the indulgence.

7. What leading 3 suggestions you could give to our readers concerning nutrition?

1) Don’t be so difficult on yourself
2) Make the effort to make dishes your very own, to your taste.
3) Enjoy your food, don’t make it a job to eat.

8. What’s your diet like?

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It always varies on my state of mind, exactly what I am training for etc. It is not set in stone, it always changes.

9. Do you believe in cheat dishes? Why or why not?

Yes, I assume cheat meals are ok- after your competition. If you do not have the will to appropriately diet plan throughout your preparation, then you don’t have the will to win.

10. Which physical function you are most pleased of?

I work really hard for my legs, so I am pretty pleased of them. Everybody constantly compliments my abdominals however, so I would certainly claim it is a tie in between them.

11. What supplements do you utilize if any type of? If not, why not?

I use all Optimum Nutrition products. Whey Healthy protein, Huge Fatburners, BCAA and Glutamine. All powder forms from Optimum, and also I mix them in a blog post exercise shake.

12. Favorite Body builders, versions, or athletes?

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Obviously I love Arnold due to the fact that he practically dominated body building, and also established the bar. I assume Phil Heath is respectable looking haha. And I believe Amanda Latona did an outstanding task of making her job exactly what it is.

13. Do you hear music while you workout?

Of course.

14. Who inspires you most?

My son.

15. If you never ever obtained right into this sport, exactly what do you think you ‘d be doing?

Having more kids?? lol

16. Any type of youth fantasizes you’re presently functioning toward?

Each and each of them. As well as they are all slowly becoming my reality.

17. Any type of pastimes you want to do?

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I wish I had time for leisure activities! I am always active and always on my hustle that any type of complimentary time I obtain is invested in high quality time with my son.

18. Note one random fact regarding yourself your visitors might not know.

I talk Bulgarian (since I am Bulgarian) French (due to the fact that I stayed in France) and a little Spanish.

19. If you could alter something concerning your figure exactly what would certainly it be?

I strive sufficient in the gym so that I do not have this issue. =)

20. What last 3 suggestions would you offer to our viewers to reach their fitness goals?

1) enjoy it
2) get a good trainer
3) get your family involved

21. Anybody you wish to give thanks to for your success?

Shad Gaspard, Charles Glass, Tatiana Koshman, Kyle Jessop, my mom as well as sibling, my boy, Isaac Hinds, as well as my enroller- Optimum Nutrition.

22. Do you have a favorite quote?

‘ I’ll do exactly what others will not today, so I can do what others cannot tomorrow.’

23. Where can our viewers reach you?

Website:  www.silianagaspard.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/siliana.gaspard
Twitter: www.twitter.com- @silianagaspard
Email: [email protected]