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1. Just how did you get right into modeling as well as fitness?

Since I can remember I’ve always been entailed in competitive sporting activity. I ENJOY competition. Absolutely nothing is a lot more enjoyable compared to training for a goal and offering it your ALL! In 2002 I landed a place in the Australian Physical fitness calendar ‘Pumped Up Down Under’. That is when my physical fitness modelling removed …

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2. What gets you motivated?

The will certainly to win as well as prosper inspires me. Seeing positive adjustments in your fitness as well as body likewise contribute.

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3. Just what is your training philosophy?

If you’re going to do it, do it CORRECTLY. Also Known As Go tough or go home (clichéd I recognize yet SO REAL!) I treat every training session as if I’m educating for competition.

4. If you need to choose just 3 workouts, exactly what would they be and also why?

1) Operating 2) Boxing 3) Bodyweight resistance training (ie. Press Ups, Dips, Chin Ups). I’ve selected these because they all give you a complete body exercise, burn fat and tone at the same time.

5. Exactly what is your approach on nutrition?

I shot as well as eat all my foods as close to their natural source as possible.

6. What’s your diet like?

I stay away from starchy carbs (pasta, potato, bread etc). Consume as MUCH fruit and veg as I like. Tidy healthy proteins are terrific! I never really feel guilty when eating protein such as lean meat, fish, eggs etc). Good omega fats such as nuts as well as salmon are high on my preferred foods list.

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7. Exactly what’s your take on carbohydrates?

Starchy carbohydrates are the EVIL ONE Ha ha. I understand several of you will disagree with me below however fruit is OKAY. Actually I would certainly suggest it. Works for me anyway.

8. What workout regimen has actually worked best for you?

Running, Missing, Boxing. Anything high strength that gets your heart price up! Pilates is likewise great!

9. You own physical attribute you are most happy of?


10. What supplements do you utilize if any? Otherwise, why not?

‘Ultimate burn’ by UPS.

11. Preferred Body builders, models, or athletes?

Adam Browner (Mr Australia 2011)

12. Who inspires you most?

My motivation comes from within.

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13. Favorite Quote?

‘ Absolutely nothing tastes as great as skinny feels’

( I believe Kate Moss developed this one)

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