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NPC Swimsuit Rival Ashley Kurtenbach Interviews with Directlyfitness.com

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Quick Stats:

  • Age: 27
  • Height: 5′ 5”
  • Weight: 118
  • Occupation: Supervisor of Workflow at Executive Recruiting Consultants
  • Upcoming Events: Coming Soon to a National Phase near you
  • Contest History:

NPC Upper Midwest 2012 – 1st
NPC Gopher Classic 2012 – 1st
NPC Team Universe 2012 – 11th
NPC Badger State 2012 – 1st

1. Tell us a little about just how you got to your current success level.

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To be honest with you it is absolutely nothing reluctant of effort and devotion. I train under an exceptional coach/trainer that has actually brought me from step 1 to where I am now, it actually pays off to train with someone who recognizes the sport inside and also out.

Also I can’t exclude my support system as they are genuinely a big component of just how I have actually gotten my successes, between my family, good friends, colleagues and advocates with their words of inspiration and day-to-day support it helped me advance and also push hard to get the outcomes that I have.

2. What do you think is the leading point keeping you motivated?

Other than the fact, I believe a person can always obtain better in whatever they are doing whether its physical fitness or individual development, it is that which maintains me inspired daily.

Other individuals motivate me and maintain me encouraged, seeing others making modifications encourages me to remain to do just what I am doing.

Every day I am bordered by little motivational points such as post-it notes and also motivational quotes as well as posters around me. I hang these up in places I see them typically to maintain me focused.

3. What is your training regular like?

Workouts vary relying on competitors or if mass training but normally follows the format below.

  • Day 1: Legs (Quads/Glutes)
  • Day 2: Chest/Arms
  • Day 3: Back/Shoulders
  • Day4: Glutes/Calves
  • Day 5: Plyometrics
  • Day 6: Legs and Touchups
  • Day 7: Rest or Yoga

4. What kind of cardio do you feel jobs best for you?

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I think it’s always a good idea to mix it up. If I have to lean out I will certainly include a high intensity cardio exercise in my routine at the very least once a week. Depending on just what my goals are, I will certainly occasionally use a plyometrics exercise integrated with a short cardio session, or consistent cardio of 50 mins as much as 4 days a week.

5. Just what do you assume of free weight vs. machine training?

I have actually constantly preferred weights over equipments, that is simply individual choice. I such as to make use of dumbbells since I believe it truly utilizes your entire body and makes for a wonderful exercise, nonetheless, in my workouts I utilize a combination of both.

6. Just how does your on as well as off period training and also diet plan differ?

  • Off period- when bulking I obtain included fruits, fats, some milk, added lean healthy protein, as well as perhaps some steak in my diet regimen. Throughout off-season I take longer pause between collections while training and really target my weak areas.
  • On-Season – Diet regimen is cleaned up and also quite a little bit stricter. During training my resting periods in between collections is decreased and my cardio strength goes up.

7. What leading 3 pointers you could offer to our visitors pertaining to nutrition?

80% percent of your outcomes remains in your diet regimen … ugh I know, but it is the fact. Take a look at food as a ‘need’ not a ‘want’ that appears to assist me.
To start on a great diet regimen, eliminate the ‘whites’ i.e. white rice, pasta, white potatoes, white bread … and also begin eating the environment-friendly veggies.

Diets don’t have to be dreadful, find foods you like as well as aim to resemble your preferred recipes in a healthy and balanced fashion. A big weak point of mine is BBQ, so to please those desires I make use of Walden Farms BARBEQUE sauce to grill with my chicken or turkey. If you like sandwiches attempt P28 bread it is packed with healthy protein and also ‘excellent stuff’ while sampling amazing!

8. What’s your diet like?

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Daily/Weekly Diet

  • Meal 1: 4 Egg whites and also 1/2 c oatmeal
  • Meal 2: Whey protein shake and also banana
  • Meal 3: 4 oz. Chicken, broccoli/asparagus, brown rice
  • Meal 4: Whey protein shake, 1TBSP natural peanut butter
  • Meal 5: 4 oz. Lean Beef, Eco-friendly Beans, 4 oz. pleasant potato
  • Meal 6: Casein protein shake, 1 TABLESPOON natural peanut butter

9. Do you rely on rip off meals? Why or why not?

Yes! It provides me something to function hard for, it improves my metabolic rate, and also truthfully I believe it maintains me rational. We are all human and I have food cravings simply like other person as well as it gives me a possibility to please those yearnings a bit. To me it’s a little reward for a task well done. My dish of selection is generally pizza or waffles.

10. Which physical attribute you are most pleased of?

Arms and Abs.

11. What supplements do you use if any kind of? If not, why not?

I adhere to the fundamentals: Multi-vitamin, Vitamin B, C, D, Magnesium, Calcium, Fish Oil, Whey protein

  • Protein and also Glutamine after a workout
  • BCAA during a workout

12. Preferred Bodybuilders, versions, or athletes?

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I appreciate Jamie Eason, she has actually done so much with her job in health and fitness as well as assisted a lot of people, most definitely a person I seek out to.

Brandan Fokken, not only is he my coach and friend but he brings a great deal to the table in the health and fitness market with his expertise and also drive to succeed!

Some of the leading IFBB Swimwear Pros have additionally inspired me, enabling me to push myself tougher to aim to complete several of the goals these ladies have actually accomplished. There are lots of that have shown me exactly how motivational and also inspiring you can be to assist others.

13. Do you hear music while you workout?

Absolutely!!! My tunes assist me push harder and also remain in the zone. I differ in that in some cases I listen to comics when I do constant cardio.

14. Who inspires you most?

For all around life, my parents, they have actually not just been outstanding parents to me, but have revealed me exactly what living life is about. These 2 have a structure built on faith and also whatever else follows.

I have a very close relationship with them, as well as I am so fortunate to have such wonderful examples to comply with. These two are superior all-round individuals that any person is fortunate to recognize. They have actually been there for me with good as well as poor and also who could ask for more?

They back me up and will certainly sustain me to the end, and besides my partner are my number one followers. My hope is that someday I can measure up to at the very least half the people they have become.

15. If you never ever entered this sport, exactly what do you think you ‘d be doing?

I would probably still be dancing for among our regional dancing teams either the NBA D-League team or the neighborhood Indoor Football Organization team or perhaps be an assistant train for a dance team somewhere. If neither of those, I make sure I would find another thing to do, as ‘kicking back’ really isn’t really an alternative for me.

16. Any type of youth dreams you’re presently working toward?

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I think everyone has a purpose to serve, and also I constantly believed from jr high on that particular I would discover my objective and live it out, with the intent of helping various other people.

Due to my recent successes I have built creditability and also others have enabled me in order to help them, it is motivating and also very fulfilling each day. Whether it is for motivation, training, diet regimen advice, individual suggestions I completely take pleasure in assisting others any kind of means I can. I just really feel recognized people desire me in order to help them, and I feel I am living that desire out daily.

17. Any leisure activities you prefer to do?

I am unsure there is sufficient area here to detail every little thing I enjoy.
I love the outdoors so I enjoy to archery quest, fish, water ski, snow ski, backpacking, outdoor camping, cycling, hiking, dance, photography, and also the listing takes place …

Life is brief, you have to live it up!

18. List one arbitrary truth about on your own your visitors might not know.

I have never had a Big Mac.

19. If you can change one point concerning your physique exactly what would certainly it be?

More established legs however that is a goal I am functioning on.

20. What last 3 tips would you provide to our visitors to reach their fitness goals?

1. Set a goal, create it down, fit it into your daily strategy and ADHERE TO IT !!!
2. Remain focused and also constantly remember you could do anything you establish your mind to, all while being patient it requires time to strike those large goals.
3. Get a support system, whether it is an instructor, colleagues, family, good friends, you will require a person to be able to assist you push via the challenging workouts or temptations in your diet regimen, choose you up on bad days, and commemorate your successes.

21. Any person you want to say thanks to for your success?

My coach Brandan Fokken, I cannot thank him enough for every little thing he has done for me. He is such a motivation, impressive train and good friend, and also in general an authentic person. He has actually shown me the ins as well as outs of the sector, as well as has actually encouraged me to be better in everything I do!

My husband, friends and family, there aren’t words that I can say that reveal the substantial amount of gratitude I have for every one of you. This is not a very easy sporting activity to be in as you all recognize as well as if I didn’t have each one of you composing my assistance team as well as foundation for success, I am not certain I would be where I am today without you!

Additionally, my fans and my buddies whether I know you directly or we are only mere colleagues, you are what keeps me going, what keeps me motivated to be the ‘best I could be’ the assistance you offer me I could only hope that in some method I give something back per of you, for this is the factor I do exactly what I do!

My colleagues, during competitors, on great and also bad days, we are there for each other EVERY DAY, you all are a second family to me and I just wish to thank you again for being an outstanding team of people!

My sponsors, they have actually done so much for me and have assisted me reach where I am with their assistance. MANY THANKS to all you that have actually helped me out!!!

22. Do you have a favorite quote?

” I could do all points with him who gives me toughness.”
Philippians 4:13

23. Where can our readers get to you?

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AshleyKurtenbachBikiniCompetitor?ref=ts&fref=ts
Bodyspace: http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/ashkurtenbach/