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This Pro Tricks session we got NPC Swimwear competitor Holly Powell to share her secrets to success. We will cover Holly’s training regimen, nourishment strategy, and also cover a couple of extra vital topics.

Holly’s Training Routine:

female bodybuildingMonday – Shoulders/Abs
Tuesday – Back/Tri’s
Wednesday – Legs – (weighted exercises)
Thursday – Chest/Abs
Friday – Off weights, cardio only
Saturday – Legs (plyo day)
Sunday – Off weights, cardio as well as abdominals only

Here is an example of my routine, I vary the representative variety, changing from hi representatives (15-20) to low reps (6-10) relying on if I’m close to a competition or ‘off period’.


Barbell Presses or Arnold’s -superset- conditioning ball abdominal muscle crunches
Lateral elevates -superset- front plate raises
Upright rows – superset- back delt raises
Machine Presses -superset- wire abdominal muscle crunches
Abs on the exercise ball


Lat draw downs or Helped bring up (vast grip)
Dumbbell rows -superset- straight arm press downs
Seated row – superset- cord tricep presses
T-bar row or bent over rows -superset- dips
Machine hi row -superset- pinhead over the head press

Legs (weighted exercises):

Squats – weight (vast position, deep)
Reverse hack maker (I toss my glutes out and really maintain the range short, focusing just on the glutes)
Stiff leg dead lifts (alternating between barbell and also dumbbell)
Leg press (feet high, always pressing via the heels)
Donkey calf bone elevates or seatsed raises
Lying hamstring swirls or standing hamstring curls


Flat bench weights presses -superset- push ups
Incline dumbbell presses -superset- abdominal crunches
Incline dumbbell fly’s -superset- conditioning ball crunches on a bench
Cable fly’s -superset- cable television abdominal crunches
Exercise ball abs

Legs (plyo day) all high strength, high reps

Walking lunges
Side shuffles
Squat jumps
Box jumps
Alternating jump lunges
Plate presses (complete length of the fitness center, up and back)
Mountain climbers
Butt blaster

bodybuilding diet

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Holly’s Off and On-season diet

The just difference in between the 2 is I lower carbohydrates, however not dramatically. I differ my carbs and also veggies regarding every 6 weeks so the diet does not obtain stale!

how to build muscleMeal one:

5 egg whites (i want to put catsup on my eggs)
Cream of rice or oatmeal

Meal two:

Piece of fruit (apple, pear, grapefruit, orange or strawberries)

Meal three:

15 almonds

Meal four:

4 oz. of chicken or steak
sweet potato with splenda
green beans

Meal five:

4 oz. talapia
vegetable (corn, snow peas, green beans or asparagus)

Meal six:

Protein shake

Meal seven:

Salad with whole lots of veggies as well as chicken
scrambled egg whites over a corn tortilla with salsa, lettuce, peppers as well as a spray of 2% cheese (love this meal)

Further Questioning with Holly Powell

how to gain muscle

1. Just what’s one item of guidance might you offer to our readers?

If I could provide one item of training suggestions:

Years ago, when I first began training I heard you need to put your ‘mind in the muscle mass’. I never played sporting activities growing up, so it was particularly tough for me to actually acknowledge that ‘mind/muscle’ link, yet it is such a crucial component for success in the fitness center as well as with shaping your physique.

bodybuilding workout2. High strength or long period cardio?

Both! I delight in doing bleachers and also track sprints in the spring/summer and late during the night I can withstand 60 mins of lengthy period cardio. It truly depends on my power degrees and the mood I’m in.

Sometimes it’s tough for me to dig deep to break out high intensity cardio after a lengthy day, so in this instance, long period cardio functions perfect.

3. Ratio of healthy protein, carbohydrates and fats?

Like most competitors, reduced fat, modest carbs and high protein work the most effective for me. I want to cycle my carbs during competition season, to keep my body guessing.

So for two consecutive days, I’ll go very low carbohydrates and also boost my fat consumption then the following 2 days, I’ll boost my carbs as well as go down out the fats.

The body is constantly looking for homeostasis, so it is very important to keep changing your diet regimen just like your training routines.

4. Best means to fight food cravings?

Well, I always enable a cheat dish as well as cheat treat once a week. This aids weight loss really feel like a ‘sprint’ rather compared to a marathon! I do such as to reward myself with Skinny Cow deals with, they balance 100 calories as well as I will divide it up right into two servings.

I additionally maintain 10 calorie jellos and also 10 calorie crystal lite Popsicles useful. I likewise like 100 calorie snacks, it actually loads me up and also please my cravings! My weak point is my wonderful tooth, so these are the items that help me control my urges!!

5. If you could advise one supplement what would it be?

If I might suggest one supplement, it would be a good multi-vitamin. Basic as that!

6. One training or nutrition secret?

I have had so lots of people ask me with the years, ‘what’s the secret’? And also the reality is, there is clear, no magical drink or incredibly pill. I inform individuals, you need to be able to kick your personal a ** in the gym!

weight training

Push yourself and also don’t quit. Never quit moving. Everybody requires health and fitness, everyday! Discover ways to stay motivated, set objectives, have something to obtain delighted concerning! Most importantly, make on your own as well as your health and wellness a top priority.

About Holly:

I am a Nationwide level NPC Bikini rival as well as have actually been completing for 8 years. I have actually remained in the physical fitness market and also living the way of life for 20 years!

Holly’s Website: