NPC National Figure Rival Denise Bardzik Meetings with

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Quick stats:

  • Age:39
  • Height:5’6
  • Weight:127
  • Occupation:Police Dispatcher
  • Titles: NPC National Number Competitor

1. Tell us a little about how you reached your current success level.

I was speaking with a close friend about possibly doing a show as well as he gave me the name of a fitness instructor. I satisfied with her as well as determined I desired a new difficulty and the rest is history.

weight lifting routines2. Just what do you believe is the leading point keeping you motivated?

I comply with basically every program, National as well as Pro level. Considering these women and seeing what they transform their bodies into encourages me.

I try not to wish to be like anybody but seeing that they have accomplished it why can not I!

3. What is your training regular like?

I train 5-6 times a week. Benefiting the cops division I burn the midnight oil hours so I do my training in the morning including cardio. I focus on exactly what I need for my programs. Back, shoulders, and also legs. I do 5-6 exercises with an array of 12-15 associates 3-4 sets.

I additionally have integrated high reps and also completion of my exercise to obtain the blood right into the muscle.

4. What sort of cardio do you really feel jobs best for you?

My train has me to the stairway mill. UGH!! Some days I dislike that point! It is wonderful for the glutes. I skip an action pressing via my heel to really feel it.

I also make use of the elliptical in off period to alter points up. I love cardio so I do 20 minutes 3-5 days a week in off season and also 30 minutes 7 days in season.

It actually depends on just what my body is resembling when I remain in preparation as well as my instructor changes my cardio accordingly.

5. What do you believe of weight vs. equipment training?

I use both yet I believe with cost-free weights you have a higher variety of motion.

6. How does your on and off period training as well as diet regimen differ?

I am in my first of all season so it is a great time for me to have fun with my diet plan as well as see what jobs and just what does not. For off period I add a lot more fats and also carbohydrates as well as still enable a rip off dish weekly. Every prep is different one preparation I needed to eat hamburgers and fries LOL.

My next show I am really hoping that I will certainly experience fish and asparagus! I like a challenge

7. What top 3 pointers you could provide to our visitors pertaining to nutrition?

Make certain you are eating every 2-3 humans resources as well as enjoy your sections. I prep all my dishes for the work week so it makes it easy and little space for failure. Hydration is key! I consume alcohol a gallon and also half daily.

8. What’s your diet like?

Meal 1:

  • 3/4 cup oats
  • 7 egg whites
  • 1 whole egg

Meal 2:

  • 25-30 grams healthy protein shake with carb powder

Meal 3:

  • Chicken
  • 1/2┬árice
  • 1/2 avocado

Meal 4:

  • Chicken
  • 1/ 2 rice or 5-6 grams sweet potato
  • veggie

Meal 5:

  • Steak
  • Salmon or ground beef
  • Ttons of green veggies

Meal 6:

  • 4 egg whites
  • One entire egg or a healthy protein shake with PB

9. Do you rely on rip off dishes? Why or why not?

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I do. In my off period I consume lots of calories however it’s good to head out to dinner and also not whip out your Tupperware. When in preparation cheat meals are very important. One they maintain you sane! We dream concerning rip off dishes. The body needs them when diet programs due to the fact that it resembles what some call a re feed. Generally surprising the body with extra calories.

10. Which physical function you are most pleased of?

My shoulders.

11. What supplements do you utilize if any type of? If not, why not?

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I change my pre job out every now and then. Currently I am using Evogen EVP and always BCAA’s. I like Dymatize as well as Gaspari Myofusion for protein.

12. Favored Body builders, versions, or athletes?

There are numerous! I like Erin Stern and also Jamie Eason however there are numerous that I admire that haven’t made it to the Pro level.

13. Do you pay attention to music while you workout?

Yes! Music pushes me to function tougher! I enjoy rock and hip jump to obtain me with my job outs.

14. Who inspires you most?

My grandma. When I deal with something in my life I hear her telling me exactly how she concerned this country not understanding a word of English and also made a life for her and her household. Anything is possible!

15. If you never ever entered this sporting activity, what do you assume you ‘d be doing?

I would be doing the exact same point simply not training with the intensity as well as not regular with my diet. I such as sugar!! LOL

16. List one arbitrary truth regarding on your own your readers might not know.

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I’ve never ever had a Krispy Kreme Donut!

17. If you might change one point concerning your physique exactly what would certainly it be?

muscle growthMy legs !! They are the hardest component for me to gain dimension on. I imagine sweeps and also tear declines

18. What last 3 pointers would you provide to our readers to reach their physical fitness goals?

Be patient!! Surround yourself with individuals that influence and also support you. If you require aid do not be terrified to ask, social media is fantastic for that along with collaborating with a coach/trainer.

19. Any individual you want to say thanks to for your success?

My friends and family. They support my way of living and also recognize exactly how important this journey is to me also if they don’t quite get it.

Of course my trainer Damian Segovia, he has actually helped me recognize it’s not about removaling weight it has to do with focusing on the muscle mass you are working and feeling it.

20. Do you have a favored quote?

I love quotes as well as post them daily. I truly similar to this one:

‘ Rely on yourself and also all that you are. Know that there is something within you that is higher than any kind of obstacle.’

21. Where could our viewers get to you?

Instagram: Dmbardzik