NPC Competitor Kate “Smash” Aseltine Meetings with

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Quick Stats:

  • Name: Kate “Shatter” Aseltine
  • Birthday: August 24, 1990
  • Height: 5’7
  • Weight: 150lbs
  • Current residence: Dallas, TX

How did you obtain begun competing?

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I started raising weights when I was around 15 for a Goodrich High School’s Power Lifting team. From my first affordable meet, I was absolutely connected. The thrill of evaluating the optimum capacity of my complete strength was rewarding in every significance. I intend you might state I was a little a tom young boy, but where I matured, obtaining a little mud on the tires was nothing except normal.

Over the program of my training, I fostered a passion for the science of stamina, muscle endurance as well as indicates of nutrition and continued heightening my passions through my trials of progression in the sporting activities’ ADAU and USAPL sanctions.

After gaining state as well as nationwide documents in both departments, I determined to hang my hat on the sporting activity as well as attempt an entirely brand-new obstacle, The art of diet regimen. I could generate high numbers throughout solitary presses as well as substance movements but I was constantly lacking the aesthetic “wow” variable of your illustrative “health club rat”.

In late 2010, I made the personal commitment to contend in my very first figure competition.

After weeks and weeks of vigorous study and also preparation, I stepped on stage for the very first time at NPC’s 2011 Grand Rapids National Qualifying Number and Body building Champions where I went on to achieve top place in my elevation division and also was offered with the Overall Number Champ award for the whole show.

Without taking a breath, I made my launching National appearance at NPC’s Jr. USAs as well as accomplished Top 10 ranking. The sensation of being on phase is almost superordinary to me as well as I wasn’t ready to toss in the towel on the competitive period simply yet. Still yearning to cover my previous presentations, I devoted to Michigan’s last state degree nationwide qualifier, NPC’s Western Michigan Championships where I was once more crowned the ruling Total Number Champ of the show.

I was now the initial women rival granted back-to-back Total Number Champ at both biggest, most competitive National Qualifiers in Michigan at the age of 21.

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I never ever utilized age, atmosphere or reasons as a crutch.

I strongly believe that if there is a pressing enthusiasm within on your own to reach a goal, the only possible constraint you really have depend on the option of mindset you define. Daily is a chance to define ourselves and emulate a legacy – I intend on more determining myself as an inspiration to those seeking self-betterment, inside and also beyond the affordable world.

Committing yourself to a higher function, overview or objective and in turn acquiring it is among the most fulfilling experiences we will certainly ever before experience. Making the notion that “difficult is absolutely nothing” is a wide range I have the tendency to maintain sharing, especially on my trip to my best goal of ending up being inducted into the IFBB Figure Pro ranks.

I lately relocated throughout the country from my little town poultry farm life in Michigan to Dallas. In addition to being an USAPL/ADAU National record holding Powerlifter as well as Number rival, I likewise adore bantering endlessly about comics as well as very hero dichotomy (attempt me, I dare ya), absurdly addicted to peanut butter, fanatic for Celebrity Wars and Lord Of The Rings, Zombie Armageddon survival strategist, insatiably captivated by movie, favored super hero is The Unbelievable Hulk (henceforth, the smash motto), appreciate art, face melting music, checking out any kind of as well as all places of weightlifting, biology/biomechanics, developing research study on fitness/health and greatly expensive composing evaluations seriously analyzing the most up to date and also biggest to hit the silver screen!

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Yes, I am a little bit of a broad array, A nerdy/hillbilly/Jedi/ meathead collection! Past my interests and also pastimes, I most enjoy sharing myself the most effective method I know just how – Through PASSION.

Everyone is predestined to leave an original imprint, message or legacy to the generations that prosper beyond our time below and also mine is straightforward: live this life with a pressing enthusiasm and also function. If you can’t place your whole heart in it, take on your own out of it.

What title do you hold?

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  • 2008 USAPL National Single lift Squat record set (148lb OPEN and TEEN) – 275lb squat
  • 2008 ADAU (148lb OPEN and also TEEN) Raw Champ – 700lb total
  • 2009 ADAU Nationals (165lb OPEN as well as TEEN) Raw Champion – 710lb total
  • 2009 ADAU National Solitary lift Raw Deadlift Champ – 335lb pull
  • 2011 NPC Grand Rapids 1st C-class as well as OVERALL figure champion
  • 2011 NPC Jr. Nationals Chicago Top 10 ranking E-class
  • 2011 NPC Western Michigan 1st C-class and also OVERALL figure champion
  • 2012 NPC Jr. Nationals Chicago 14th E-class

Any other achievements or certifications?

  • Certified Exercise Therapist
  • BA in Exercise Scientific research at Oakland University (presently achieving)
  • Nutrition Consultant
  • NPC Nationally Rated Figure Competitor
  • Fitness Model
  • Competition Prep work and Presenting Adviser

What does your exercise routine appearance like?

Typical week in the gym:

  • M: Shoulders
  • Tu: Legs
  • W: Chest
  • Th: Back
  • Fri: Shoulders/arms
  • Sat: Legs
  • Sun: Off

Depending on where I am in my contest preparation and also degree of preferred conditioning, I do anywhere in between 30 all the method to 120 minutes of cardio daily. The most efficient settings for me consist of uphill sprints, Stairmill as well as incline tredmill walking/jogging. HIIT training plays a huge function in my shredding regime!

What is your preferred exercise day?

My preferred day in the fitness center is most definitely leg day. It is my location in which I have gotten most criticism – With all muscular tissue groups, I have the tendency to take a conventional bodybuilder strategy: high volume. My approach is to incorporate numerous sets to consistently target a specific muscle mass team in an effort to break down muscle tissue and also rise stress time as a means to immoral growth.

Training this was evokes the capability to raise markers of healthy protein synthesis post-exercise which is an essential indicator for muscular tissue development – However, in creating shapely, heavily tight lower extremities, I assume it is additionally vital to include high intensity plyometric routines.

Being from the nation, it is always rejuvenating to take my training outdoors when in any way feasible. Henceforth, I produced a little plyo routine called “Gotham’s Numeration”, (entitled in my comic delirious fashion), that will not only crank up calorie expenditure, however specifically targets glutes, hams and quads. This heart pumping regimen can be carried out in the fitness center, on the track or if you are hillbilly like me, down the dirt road!

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For progressed plyo enthusiasts, repeat this whole circuit 3x:


* 15 minute up-hill stroll/ jog (warm up)

1. 20 lunge thrusts
2. 20 box jumps (any kind of raised surface area functions fine)
3. 20 power skips
4. 20 leap frogs (10 forward jumps, 10 in reverse jumps)
5. 50 high knees
6. 20 bounds (10 lateral lunges each leg)
7. 15 squat thrusts (vast stance, listed below parallel)
8. 20 power boosts (a bench, staircase, chair or any kind of raised jobs penalty)
9. 2x 30 second full sprint complied with by 60 second recovery

What songs do you want to listen to during a workout?

When it comes to songs, I am a little bit of a head banger. For those of you who expensive having your skull shook circa warm, yummy guitar licks during health club sessions, here is another taste of my most recent lightning! Best bring your bib … It will obtain messy

body building1. NIN/Static-X – Closer (trance remix)
2. White Zombie – More Human compared to Human
3. Dark New Day – Brother
4. As I Lay Dying – Paralyzed
5. Tek One – Sleep with One Eye Open (remix)
6. The Evil one Puts on Prada- Still Fly
7. Asking Alexandria – Alerion
8. The Glitch Mob – 7 Nation Army (remix)
9. Rage Versus the Machine- Bulls On Parade (Team Awesome Remix)
10. Muse – Knights of Cydonia (Nostalgia Dubstep Remix)
11. Bullet For My Valentine – Tears Do not Fall
12. Flyleaf – I’m So Unwell (SK-ONE Dubstep Remix)
13 System Of A Down – B.Y.O.B.
14. The Used – Burning Down The House
15. The Smashing Pumpkins – Bullet with Butterfly Wings
16. Sound Garden – Spoonman
17. Audioslave – Cochise
18. Chiodos – Baby You Would not Last a Minute on the Creek
19. Underoath – It’s Dangerous Organisation Going out Your Front Door
20. Sevendust – Black
21. Live – I Alone
22. Candlebox – You
23. Staind – Mud shovel
24. Stone Holy place Piolets – Plush
25. Pantera – Walk

What does your diet regimen strategy look like?

The one-of-a-kind point I had found regarding dieting is that to generate optimal results, the nutrition method must be tailored to YOUR demands. Everybody responds to macronutrient proportions differently so cookie cutter programs or ‘trend’ diet regimens normally flounder.

For me, my technique for contest prep work includes moderate fats as well as healthy protein paired with carb cycling.

I am a stickler when it comes to meal preparation, so every one of my portions are constantly determined for precise portion sizes. I think its crucial to log my nourishment program to track my development as far as what my body responds finest with, as our body’s adjust and change over time. Due to the fact that I am particularly conscious carbohydrates, I have to be additional responsible in the off-season as well as see to it I delight in small amounts! Holding on your own liable for consuming tidy whether you are a competitor or not will certainly establish your success in reaching your total fitness goals.

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My normal contest regiment resembles this:

  • Meal 1: 6 egg whites, 1/2c oats, 2tbs ground flax meal
  • Meal 2: 5oz tilapia, greens
  • Meal 3: 4oz poultry, greens, 12 almonds (each day include 4oz yam)
  • Meal 4: 5oz tilapia, greens
  • Meal 5: 6 egg whites, 2 rice cakes
  • Meal 6: 1.5 scoop whey isolate, 2 tbs ground flax

What are your favorite foods?

female bodybuildingFavorite cheat foods: Sushi, Pizza Rolls, Oreos, confetti cupcakes, white delicious chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies, Reece’s mug cheesecake with graham cracker crust (yep, I don’t play games, hehe!)

Favorite diet foods: All-natural peanut butter, almonds, oatmeal

Do you take supplements?


  • L-Carnitine (any type of brand name is fine)- 1g 30min prior to cardio sessions
  • Multivitamin (I such as GNC Womens Ultramega)- 1x each day
  • Digestive enzymes – 3x everyday (breakfast, lunch as well as dinner)
  • L-Glutamine (any type of kind is fine, powder is finest)- 5g after weight workouts as well as 5g before bed
  • BCAAs (Xtend by Scivation)- 2 scoops daily throughout toughness exercises)
  • Vitamin C- 500mg 3x a day

Any last guidance for our readers?

For any individual seeking to spark their health and fitness flame, my finest suggestions is to be regular. You need to develop a consistent mindset to uncover the self-control and also sheer will certainly power in which most of us bare. Being fit and also establishing the body of your dreams is not an over night procedure, there is no magic pill. In this specific search, there is only your MIND, HEART and also SPIRIT. I find that several women really feel shed regarding “where” or “how” to start. Begin by grounding an idea – If you desire something in this life, take it, and also never ever abandonment. As my favorite Past master of the Galactic Council as soon as claimed,

‘ Do or do not, there is no try.’ -Yoda