muscle growthWhen Mike Mentzer initially brought out his extreme publication Heavy Task, people thought he was crazy. Mentzer preached high-intensity workout once every five to seven days, as well as every training session shouldn’t last greater than 20 mins in order to accomplish optimum muscular tissue excitement. Mentzer thought many bodybuilders were “overtraining,” so he stressed short, high-intensity, as well as infrequent exercises.

It seems that brand-new research can validate Mentzer’s claim with medical trials in younger adults however not with older grownups. Researchers checked out how strength and also muscular tissue mass were affected by cutting down on training to as soon as a week in both more youthful and older grownups. Seventy adults, 39 in the more youthful age (in between ages 20 and 35) and 31 in the older age team (between ages 60 and also 75), finished the initial phase of the test, which lasted 16 weeks.

In Phase 1, individuals did 3 trines resistance-training exercises– leg press, knee expansions, and bows– three times a week. The 2nd stage of the trial, which lasted 32 weeks, was a de-training research. Individuals were separated into 3 teams: The very first team stopped educating altogether. The second group lowered training workout days from three to one but kept the very same exercise. The 3rd team lowered workout days from three to one as well as lowered training sets from 3 to one.

Results show that improvements in stamina can be preserved for a prolonged duration after training discontinues. While once-a-week workout suffices to maintain strength, there are age-specifc distinctions in the called for dose to maintain muscle size. Within the more youthful team, there was a dose-response that showed that the team that worked out as soon as a week yet preserved the exercise quantity proceeded to boost muscle dimension, nonetheless, the group that exercised when a week and also reduced quantity preserved size. In the older team, no group maintained muscle size.


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  1. Once-a-week training with enough volume has the ability to enhance muscle mass in younger however not older adults.
  2. Bodybuilders may be able to train as soon as a week as well as make considerable gains in size and stamina. Older grownups most likely need even more frequent training to keep muscular tissue mass got from resistance exercise.