Supplement Testimonials: Cytosport’s Monster Mass: The Upgraded Weight Gainer

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Monster Mass was developed by the trademark name, Cytosport which has remained in the supplement industry near the start. Beast Mass is developed to be a weight gainer with 50g protein, 74g carbohydrates, 600 calories, as well as 8.4 g L-leucine each offering. They claim to have sustained released proteins to keep you anabolic for longer and also a 3:1:1 (Leucine, Isoleucine, and also Valine specifically) proportion mix of BCAA’s as well.

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The total ranking and terrific past of supplement items released in the past suffices to increase Cytosport to the front line in supplement top quality. They appear to actually place the best combination of high quality protein, carbohydrates, and also BCCA’s for optimum muscle mass growth this time around around.

Cytosport launched this product to be above their previous weight gainer item called, “Cytogainer”. The say Monster Mass transcends in every method including the prolonged launched healthy proteins and also 3:1:1 assignment of BCAA’s.


The advised times as well as does of taking Beast Mass is as adheres to:
Directions For Monster Mass:Take Beast Mass anytime you would appreciate a shake or gainer, but want a better sampling, more anabolic formula. Mix 4 scoops in 18-20 fl. Oz. Water.

Before Workouts
To help sustain your exercise, use Monster Mass 45-60 minutes prior.

After Workouts
15-30 mins after workouts your body’s growth home window is open, make use of Beast Mass right now to maximize the benefits of your workout.

Prior To Bed
Sleep is really a catabolic duration. Use Monster Mass prior to bed to wake up more anabolic.
We tended to only take it after our workouts and did not have a problem finishing everything as a result of the fantastic taste.

After a week or two we discovered our muscle mass looking much more “complete” as well as having higher pumps in the gym due to the constant anabolic state Monster Mass places your body in. Out of all the weight gainers we have actually tried so far we most definitely like Beast Mass the ideal as a result of its terrific muscle pumping and dietary results! We offer Monster Mass a 9.5/ 10.0.


We tried cookies and lotion yet Monster Mass also comes in vanilla, chocolate, strawberries and cream, banana cream, and cake batter. We can not say the various other tastes are wonderful however if they are anything like the cookies and also lotion flavor, your ready. Seldom do you discover a weight gainer this dense to be this terrific tasting We honor Monster Mass a 9.5/ 10 on taste.


Unfortunatley with terrific quality comes a better price. We still assume they are marketing this weight gainer for lower than its worth however that’s simply our point of view. You obtain a massive 5.95 pounds. at $43.99. There are a total of 18 huge scoops in the bathtub (it’s a large tub) with 4 scoops being one serving.

You could even downsize that by taking 2 scoops (still a tremendous 300 calories, 25g healthy protein, as well as 35g carbohydrates) and the item will certainly last you at the very least a month. This is one item we suggest to those who desire a protein supplement that transcends to the others.

If you want muscular tissue and also size, the included carbs and also BCAA’s that you will not discover in various other healthy protein powder items is there. Consider Beast Mass as one of 2 things: a fantastic weight gainer (advised does) or a superior healthy protein powder( half the dosage). 8.0/ 10 for price.


Awesome product from Cytosport! We cannot wait to see just how they outshine themselves in the weight gainer department a second time around. Overall, far remarkable to their previous weight gainer item, Cytogainer. A little large on the rate but you definitely obtain exactly what you spend for with this product.