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The Cardio Dispute for Fat Loss: High Intensity versus Low Intensity

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It is a misconception that long and slow, reduced intensity cardio is best for fat loss because it utilizes the aerobic system and burns fat throughout exercise.

High intensity cardio is really far exceptional and also a lot more reliable for weight loss than reduced strength cardio for numerous reasons.

This article will briefly go over the distinctions in high strength and also reduced strength cardio, laying out the reasons that high strength cardio is extra efficient and also reliable for fat loss.

Time Efficiency

High strength cardio calls for much less time to execute an efficient session than low intensity cardio, makings it a much more convenient setting of cardio for those with limited time in which to train.

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Substrates Used

Although high intensity cardio largely utilizes carbs for gas, the higher oxygen shortage post-training causes the body to make use of fat for energy. High strength cardio generates a greater job action from the body compared to reduced intensity cardio, hence shedding more overall calories throughout the day, also if not during the training session.

Training the body to do at a high strength will additionally boost your body’s tolerance for job, and also therefore the body will shed fat at a greater degree, sparing muscular tissue glycogen.

Because of the higher force of muscle mass tightening during high intensity cardio, there is a greater price of GLUT-4 translocation within the muscle mass, developing a more powerful nutrient repartitioning impact, which then allows the body extra effective and effective use substrates.

Oxygen Utilization

High intensity cardio has a higher oxygen deficiency than reduced intensity cardio. Educating with a higher oxygen shortage really enhances the body’s optimum oxygen capacity even more than low intensity cardio.

The greater the body’s optimum oxygen capacity, the a lot more effective the body is at oxygen transportation, as well as therefore a lot more effective the body goes to shedding fat, considering that fat requires oxygen to be oxidized.

Hormonal Responses

High intensity cardio evokes a comparable hormonal feedback from the body as resistance training does, however without the anxiety as well as pressure on the body as well as the nerves that resistance training has.

Higher insulin level of sensitivity, even more Growth Hormonal agent as well as IGF-1 release makes the body extra effective at melting fat.

Muscle Mass

Burning less calories during the training session makes high intensity cardio much more muscular tissue sparing as well as less catabolic than low intensity cardio.

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High strength cardio uses quickly oxidative (i.e. Kind IIa) and also fast glycolytic (i.e. Kind IIb) muscle fibres.

Muscle hypertrophy occurs primarily via persistent anaerobic, high-intensity workout. The more muscular tissue mass a person has, the better the ability of their body to shed fat.


If you intend to lose fat rapidly and also successfully, high intensity cardio is the most effective setting of cardio to integrate into your training programme. Not just does it call for less time to finish, but it burns more overall calories throughout the day.

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High intensity cardio makes the body extra efficient at using oxygen as well as elicits the very same hormonal response as resistance training – without the stress on the body – permitting the exact same weight loss ability.

High strength exercise is additionally muscle sparing, due to the much shorter workout period performed as well as less calories shed during the session, enabling the body to be a much more efficient fat loss equipment, because even more muscular tissue mass indicates a better capability for the body to shed fat.