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Bodybuilders and powerlifters often wrap their knees with elastic plasters when crouching with incredibly heavy weights. Theoretically, this provides protection to the knee from the anxiety of heavy weights– but till lately there was no data verifying it works.


Researchers from the U.K. had lifters cover their knees and also squat with 80% of their one-rep max to determine the results the wraps had on the biomechanics of the squat, compared to when the guys performed the squats without wraps.


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The use of knee covers considerably enhanced the force production of the squat, especially during the descent, or eccentric, phase of the lift. Nevertheless, the covers substantially influenced the biomechanics of the squat, limiting the lifters’ motion at the hip joint and also requiring them right into a more upright posture while creating better flexion at the knee.


Knee wraps create a mechanical advantage that occurs when flexible power, created throughout the decreasing stage, is launched. Just like when you press down on a springtime, the energy is saved, and after that after launch, it accelerates upward. The research found two significant points:

  1. Wraps alter squat strategy sufficient to endanger lower-body growth, and
  2. The mix of the customized body settings and also the physical barrier at the rear of the knee joints could position much more stress on the joints.


Knee covers need to not be used when boosting lower-body stamina is the objective. Counting on synthetic aids could really deteriorate the knee joints, making them much more susceptible to injury. – FLEX