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I’m 6′ 4′ and have a bumpy ride squatting. People have actually told me that I’m not made to squat and must stick to the leg press for upper leg mass. Just what do you think?


Well, you could not such as my response, yet I assume individuals you’re talking to are both appropriate and also wrong. Currently, before you regurgitate your hands in irritation, let me describe.

People of a certain structure ( generally tall as well as long-legged) may have an extra tough time crouching compared to those who are shorter and also stockier. This is due to the fact that the squat is about utilize.

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As you descend in the squat, your hips move slightly backward, while your knees make up by moving ahead a little bit to keep your center of gravity aligned directly over your ankle joints. The longer your legs, the more probable they are to experience a few of this front-to-back motion as they reduced into a full-squat position.

Now, I’m not an engineer, but I do have long legs for a man that has a 5′ 11′ frame, and I can tell you that having long legs makes crouching a extremely difficult workout. Considering that you’re 6′ 4′, I could just visualize how awkward squatting should be for you. Does this mean you should avoid squats? I do not think any person ought to stay clear of squats entirely, unless he’s had an injury that hampers his capability to execute the workout. Squats are very much generally recognized as the king of exercises, as well as I can’t differ with that evaluation. However, also a king has his constraints. You may want to limit the quantity of squatting you do, instead going with various other mass-building workouts, of which there are a number of, for the mass of your upper leg exercise.

In my experience, lots of people who have a bumpy ride discovering a groove with conventional squats can obtain an effective workout from front squats. Due to the fact that bench sits across the front delts instead of throughout the traps, the upper body is required to stay even more set up, therefore keeping the hips directly in line with the spinal column, creating a less demanding exercise. Smith machine bows as well as hack squats could also act as good replacements for common squats. During both workouts, bench moves along a straight track, which lessens the requirement for a fitness instructor to support himself, freeing him up to focus on functioning his thigh muscles.

Of course, an old standby, leg presses, are terrific for constructing thigh mass, also. These days, practically every gym has leg-press equipments, each with variable changes made to suit individuals of various sizes and shapes.

So while I would not recommend that you stay clear of squats just because you’re high, I could tell you that it isn’t really necessarily the only option you have for putting top quality dimension on your top legs. I’ve included an example squat-free upper leg exercise that you could alternate in four-week cycles with a much more standard squat-based thigh program. One last bit of guidance: in your mission to build mass, be person! You have actually obtained a great deal of structure to fill out, so go sluggish as well as stable. It could take you a little longer to reach your objective than an average-sized person, but when you do, you’ll have the contentment of recognizing that you gained every last ounce of muscular tissue. – FLEX


EXERCISE: Leg Extensions SETS: 5-7 REPS: 15-20

EXERCISE: Leg Presses SETS: 5 REPS: 12-15

EXERCISE: Hack Squats SETS: 4-5 REPS: 12-15

EXERCISE: Barbell Lunges SETS: 3-4 REPS: 15 (per leg)