Workout Programs: King T.U.T (Time Under Tension)

body buildingWas browsing the web a few days ago for details concerning TUT training, time under tension, as well as located a couple of good posts. They all program entered into the scientific research of it and also across the board accepted to the concepts of using it. One point that was missing in just what I check out was just how one could really execute TUT training into their everyday workouts and how TUT training really goes together with tempo, the nuts and also screws of a rep.

I’m practically a meat and also bones kind of individual and also all the science they place in their short articles is good, yet lets let’s be honest a lot of us are trying to find a simple solution without all the complication. So my hope is to maintain this simple, with minimal science, as well as show how one can execute TUT training in their regimens to include a little flavor as well as exactly how TUT training and your representatives go hand in hand.

A little bit of scientific research will be needed, but will certainly maintain to easy. Across the board it seems this is basically agreed upon on the time under tension and exactly how it associates in between different kinds of training:


  • Reps: 1 to 8
  • Time Under Stress: 4 to 30 seconds
  • Rest Time: 2 to 4 minutes


  • Reps: 8 to 14
  • Time Under Stress: 30 to 60 seconds
  • Rest Time: 60 to 100 seconds


  • Reps: 15 to 25
  • Time Under Stress: 1 to 2 minutes
  • Rest Time: 1 minutes or less

All one has to do is sit in the health club and also realize most, including myself sometimes, are training in the strength/power variety. We merely pump our representatives out with little regard to the real time it takes to complete the set, or the pace of the reps. (1)” … examination have actually compared fiber recruition in athletes when they raised in the 5 to 15 2nd array, to the 30 to 70 2nd array and also located that the latter integrated far more muscle mass fibers compared to the former.

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The factor why this is true is because at a lower 2nd array your muscles would certainly fail due to a rapid ATP (our bodies’ main energy resource) shortage, and this fast scarcity of energy, just does not permit enough time for your muscles to be stimulated for growth.

Essentially, the complete time that the muscle mass fibers are needed to generate pressure is shorter in low-rep collections compared to in higher-rep collections. Basically, a hard set that last 30 to 70 secs provides more development stimulation to the muscle mass cells compared to a tough set that last listed below this due to the fact that in a shorter set, failing might happen because of reasons other compared to muscle mass fiber fatigue and prior to a significant growth stimulus has actually been accomplished.” (2) Charles Poliquin, “Typically speaking, nonetheless, establishes that subject the muscle mass to much less than 20 secs of time under stress construct stamina, while those that draw from 40 to One Minute to complete reason hypertrophy.”

There is a reason when you see various workouts they at some time consist of tempo, this allows us recognize to decrease to obtain one of the most out of the set. Representatives are essential but so is the tempo of the representatives within the set.

Let’s take a glimpse at tempo and also just what it implies in a representative and how it correlates to TUT.

We will use the bench press for an example considering that it is simpler for the majority of us to envision. We will utilize a pace of (4-2-1-0) for our bench press.

  • ‘ 4’ is the eccentric stage of the lift, decreasing the weight to our upper body. This informs us we ought to lower the weight at a rate of 4 secs. This is basically agreed after as one of the most vital part of a representative when lifting.
  • ‘ 2’ is the pause below the rep prior to starting the concentric part of the lift, upwards motion. This is telling use to pause below the rep, does not suggest remainder the bar on our breast however a little above.
  • ‘ 1’ is the concentric stage of the lift, pressing weight upwards. There is some argument on this about the moment it ought to take during this stage however most set is to take off up.
  • ‘ 0’ is the top of the concentric stage, prior to starting the following rep. This informs usage here in the instance that we will not be stopping but go straight to the eccentric stage, decreasing weight back to our chest.

If we did 8 representatives using this pace for our bench press it would take usage approximately 56 secs to finish, which would come under the hypertrophy/mass in our chart. As you could see, TUT training and also tempo go together and also that is why we additionally comply with suggest reps for each and every kind of training.

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As the above chart and also example reveal you could not talk about TUT training without tempo as well as in fact you can not speak about tempo without TUT training. Review a great deal of discussion forum blog posts as well as it appears TUT actually gets a bad name. Yet if we did proper type and also representatives would we not already be doing TUT training to some extent?

A lot of individuals say they shed dimension, but personally believe that is even more of a psychological issue since the quantity of weight you will be utilizing drops significant. Toughness and size to some level go together however they are both different sort of beasts and the relationship is extremely minimal.

There is a lot of enjoyable means to add TUT training right into your exercises to include some newness as well as damage up the boredom. They are very tough and will certainly press you to the limit. Here are some of the various techniques, designs, I utilize when doing my TUT training that I check out and also grabbed on.

Different writers have called them something different sometimes however all are about the same.

For the first technique you will certainly stop for a certain matter for each and every rep for the prescribed time in between the eccentric/concentric stage of the set.

1. Pause Method (9 rep set)

  • Rep 1, 9 count
  • Rep 2, 8 count
  • Rep 3, 7 count
  • Rep 4, 6 count
  • Rep 5, 5 count
  • Rep 6, 4 count
  • Rep 7, 3 count
  • Rep 8, 2 count
  • Rep 9, 1 count

(45 count to complete set)

Countdown technique concentrates much more on the eccentric component of the lift, negatives, and also each representative will certainly have a different count to it.

2. Launch procedure Method (10 representative set)

  • Rep 1, 10 count
  • Rep 2, 9 count
  • Rep 3, 8 count
  • Rep 4, 7 count
  • Rep 5, 6 count
  • Rep 6, 5 count
  • Rep 7, 4 count
  • Rep 8, 3 count
  • Rep 9, 2 count
  • Rep 10, 1 count

(55 count to complete set)

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Try this technique following bicep exercise, you will feel the burn

Tempo technique utilizes various tempos throughout the set relying on which rep you go to …

3. Tempo Method

  • Rep 1, Tempo (3210)
  • Rep 2, Tempo (3210)
  • Rep 3, Tempo (3210)
  • Rep 4, Explosive
  • Rep 5, Tempo (3210)
  • Rep 6, Tempo (3210)
  • Rep 7, Explosive
  • Rep 8, Explosive
  • Rep 9, Tempo (3210)
  • Rep 10, Explosive
  • Rep 11, Explosive
  • Rep 12, Explosive

(45 count roughly)

women bodybuildingHere is among my favored chest workouts, will certainly feel this days after that. Make certain you go light the very first collection since the quantity of weight you will certainly be using is a whole lot less, truly focus on the reps and sets.

  • 1. Incline Press (Pace Technique), 3 sets
  • 2. Apartment Dbl Press (Pause Approach), 3 sets
  • 3. Peck Deck (Launch procedure Technique), 3 sets

These are merely a couple of examples on just how you could possibly include TUT training into you exercises and also make it a little bit more difficult as well as extreme. I personally anticipate my regular TUT training sessions knowing I have to bring the intensity every time. These different methods will certainly challenge you to push previous your regular strength as well as really bring the discomfort!!! Good discomfort that is.

Most vital part is to just reduce and also make each representative and set matter. Simply by doing this one little thing you will be surprised on just how much harder each rep and also set ends up being. Visiting the gym should be exciting and something you anticipate, so transform it up and add TUT training every now as well as acquire to flavor things up.